Who is tango y vida?

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Luis Monasterios

Hello !!!

My name is Luis Monasterios and I am delighted that we can know through my passion: THE TANGO.

If my passion is your passion then we have a lot in common because you understand perfectly most of the concepts that express on the page and will surely have some scenarios with which you will be identified. In addition you will find that by means of these concepts, already known by you, I develop some topics oriented to your personal growth, the enhancement of your leadership and a better understanding of yourself wich, as a result, will improve your dance and it will make that you enjoy your passion in a more natural and relaxed way .

If you don't have knowledge of tango, Perhaps you've come here in search of personal growth, emotional and spiritual balance, enhance your leadership or a better understanding of you and your environment. If so, I have good news for you and it is that on this page, through tango, I develop concepts of leadership, personal and spiritual growth that will help to better understand yourself and accept aspects of your personality that until now were perhaps unknown to you.

A long road trip and another long road ahead

The history of this page begins with my own story and everything has emerged as a result of turbulent times and heartbreaks. We go back to the year 2010 with my foray into tango, which was something incidental because I so far considered me a fervent rocker. Through my first girlfriend I met tango, She took me to take classes because she had always wanted to dance (I think that this is very common in men that dance tango, almost all come to tango through a woman), without realizing the tango had taken over me, It became my passion, and I wanted to increasingly learn and dance more.

I was very happy but: My first emotional blow came when I separate from my first girlfriend, we had 8 years together and marriage plans, plans to have children and everything that today's society requires of us, It was an emotional blow, and so I looked for shelter in what I'm passionate about: TANGO. I danced almost everyday, I went to every milonga, classes, tango workshops, to support classes for beginners, anything to not think about the sadness that dwelt in my being.

And my great teacher came: through tango and dancing I met what would be my great teacher, my second girlfriend, a wonderful woman who marked my life and filled it with beautiful moments and joys, someone who taught me to love like I never before had done, A great teacher of light who taught me that between love and pain there is a very small limit and that my way to see and feel the love was not right. ThroughBecause of her I started to read my first Jorge Bucay book and it began a change in my being. With her departure I felt I would never be the same and, in fact, I did never be the same, the sadness came over my being and I could not shelter in tango because she was there, I felt the need to seek help and this time I took refuge in the knowledge of books.

A year of learning and reading: I read many books of Jorge Bucay and began to feel increasingly better, at the same time I noticed that with each personal improvement it improved my dancing and my attitude in life and in the milongas, I began to think that perhaps there was some relationship between dance and my way of acting, that my attitude in life is reflected when I dance.

Dancing a tango was born our romance: After a year of personal growth, my current road partner came into my life, my traveling partner, She has supported me in a stage in which we let our native Venezuela and came to Spain to train us in digital marketing. She has been and remains beeing a very important part of my life, It is a being of light whose brightness light my way and inspires me, she does not have the same passion for tango but she have learned to respect and appreciate my passion and she still supports me and loves me every day.

One thing led to another: as part of my training in digital marketing I did internships at Alper Consultores, a company specialized in accompanying people in their processes of personal growth and leadership, for two and a half months I was in charge of the company's social media and there I met again with the reading of the books of Jorge Bucay and added readings from Robin Sharma, Alex RovirĂ¡ y Eckhart Tolle. In Alper I learned that leadership has 4 dimensions and we are all leaders, that wellness begins within us and expands to other, That we are chef of relations and we are constantly adding ingredients that enhance or weaken those relationships. In the field of tango I was protagonist and witness of my own evolution towards a more sentimental tango, a tango of greater connection, more intimate. I took a course of “Essential Tango” with Eric Dinzel where I finally got the link between tango and personal growth.

This page is the product and evolution of my experience of personal growth and tango dancing, It is a reference that the worst moments come to you to make you grow and be better person, This page is dedicated to you because you are in the process of finding answers personally and/or you want to evolve in your dance.

I hope you enjoy your reading, your stay in this space and your tango. Above all I hope this page help you to improve and grow personally, and as a result your tango improve .

Remember that “Life is a milonga and you must know how to dance it”