Welcome to tango and life,es.


Tango y vida is a site focused on the topic: tango, love and life, Here you can find a new way to dance and learn the dance of tango, Your tango will be as it is your life and therefore I propose to evaluate your behaviors and experiences in dance and from there take aware of the improvements that you can make in your life and your way of seeing the love and relationships.

In tango y vida I speak mainly of a new form of dancing tango that is focused on the intrinsic aspects of the person, leadership, the self-esteem and their way of seeing and living life.

In tango y vida I have been inspired by the concepts and creations of great masters of psychology, leadership and spiritual enlightenment such as Jorge Bucay, Robin Sharma, Eckhart Tolle, Paulo Coehlo, among others.

This new way of seeing the learning and the tango dancing is based on the human being as a creator and seeker of emotions, that's why in tangoyvida.com I develop a specific thematic of tango, love and life, three words that together possess an infinite power of creativity, well-being and joy. Great leaders transform dreams into realities, they are able to arouse emotions in other people and have control of their own lifes. transmit and receive emotions and you will have a great power of welfare, of change, of healing.

Practice with your tango your personal leadership skills, relational, systems and vital; becomes aware of your position in the milonga and life, because as the song says: “Life is a milonga and you must know how to dance it”.

I hope it is to your liking and that you animes to reading and practicing everything I Express on the page.

You will be surprised by the results because the power is yours !!!